DevOps Consulting

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment using Configuration Management Tools and Automation

How to set the Stage for Successful DevOps with IAAS and PAAS for Continuous Delivery?

From IT backlogs to legacy systems, from lack of internal skills on new processes to automation challenges, we have the expertise to solve them. We have performed more than 176 AWS, 27 Azure and 5 engagements on Google Cloud Platform. Our team consists of architects who are AWS and Azure Architects with background of Linux with Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl and Powershell Scripting languages proficiency.

We are experts in implementing Serverless Architecture, Continous Integration, Atlasssian Continuous Deployments, Microservices, Monitoring, DevOps Adoption, Infrastructure as a code, Continuous Delivery, Ops Shell Scripting.

We help you to move functions and features from development to production with higher quality and lower costs.

  • Cloud Consulting on AWS, Azure, Openstack, Joyent

  • Our consultants have experience with various source code repositories (GIT, SVN, Perforce, Bit Bucket, etc.)

  • Our consultants have hands on knowledge of configuration management like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SALTStack, Docker etc.

  • We have experience building out Continuous integration/Continuous delivery pipeline automation – CI/CD – Jenkins, Bamboo, CodeShip, TravisCI, etc.)