Cloud Computing

Please let us choose the cloud provider that suits your business needs.

Cloud Computing enables scalable, on-demand and pay-per-use IT infrastructure, eliminating the barriers of space and time that are usually found in organizations.
Geek IT Solution advises you to design, develop  and custom software solutions based on cloud computing platforms from the leading suppliers.

We will support you to make a step-by-step adaptation of cloud technology by creating multiple scenarios to design and implement the optimal architecture by choosing the most appropriate services using agile tools.

  • Cloud Consulting on AWS, Azure, Openstack, Joyent

  • Our consultants have experience with various source code repositories (GIT, SVN, Perforce, Bit Bucket, etc.)

  • Our consultants have hands on knowledge of configuration management (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SALTStack, Docker etc.)

  • We have experience building out Continuous integration/Continuous delivery pipeline automation – CI/CD – Jenkins, Bamboo, CodeShip, TravisCI, etc.)